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Intelligent back-end, user-friendly front-end, smart ML and easy-to-use mobile

Globus in Figures

  • 450+implemented projects
  • 400+highly qualified employees
  • 12+years’ experience

We greatly appreciate the work with our clients

  • СберБанк
  • Газпромбанк
  • Банк «Открытие»
  • Росбанк
  • Yandex
  • Ростелеком
  • VK
  • X5 Retail Group
  • Spar
  • Самолет
  • Норникель


  • Pre-project researchProof of concept, CustDev, demand assessments. Full analysis of an upcoming project and ready-made CJM.
  • UX/UI designUX strategy, digital branding, product design — from analytics to interface animation. Business asset creation. A combination of technology and art shapes design, which directly affects conversion and sales.
  • Mobile developmentA full range of mobile technologies and tools to solve your business challenges.
  • Web developmentLight and clear front-ends for the user, reliable and mindful back-ends for stable operation of the product.
  • QA & service supportAll types of testing and IT-product support ensure continuity in your business processes.
  • Developer outstaffingResources for your IT teams. Specialists with required skills, knowledge and experience under your management.
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Discuss an idea or project
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