Digital online system for oil and gas industry
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Chemexsol is an innovative digital online system for oil and gas industry. It provides intelligent supply chain optimization to facilitate production and delivery of chemical reagents. 
Chemexsol combines all the stages of the production process into a single information system, allowing to build logistics chains—from raw material suppliers to end customers—within a single pane of glass. Thanks to the built-in adaptive algorithms and tools for big data analysis, Chemexsol optimizes the interaction of all the stakeholders—raw material suppliers, production sites, end customers, and shipping companies. The system analyzes participants' capabilities and characteristics by multiple parameters, matches these data to the customer specified criteria (price, 
efficiency, delivery date), and figures out the best possible option.
Oleg MatrozovBack-End Team Lead, Globus
The project uses a broad technology stack spanning microservice architecture, Kubernetes, and dockerization. Particular attention was paid to prototyping, interaction of internal systems, integration, and data security. This is a high availability solution that tolerates simultaneous failure of up to 50% of the servers without affecting system health and performance. The interface we've implemented allows to translate large amounts of reference information into various foreign languages. It's mostly covered by functional and, to a less extent, unit tests. We created our own tools, for example, for working with queues, Kubernetes, etc. We built a separate environment enabling developers to fully use the project, while running only the microservice they need at a given moment. To ensure compliance with the Russian Personal Data Law 152-FZ and the GDPR, we implemented a secure storage to protect commercially sensitive data of the system users.
The oil and gas industry is a fairly broad field with a wide range of tasks. The key objective, however, is to ensure the continuity of the main process and increase its efficiency. It is worth noting that the process of production, preparation, transportation, and processing of raw hydrocarbons can be fraught with a number of complications, some of which are addressed using chemical reagents. Currently, developers of chemical reagents face a number of challenges, including the lack of resources for the production of large commercial quantities, poor logistics, and inability to participate in the tender process. To address these issues, as well as increase the number of market players and, consequently, reduce the cost of chemicals for customers, we decided to create the Chemexsol online platform. Chemexsol provides a tool for solving production- and logistics-related challenges, and also enables customers' technological departments to select alternative products based on their price and efficiency. Chemexsol can serve as an intermediary—participate in the customer's tender process and supply the developer's products—or it can offer developers to participate in tenders on their own. In general, creating Chemexsol we look to automate the process of finding, ordering, and calculating the final cost of reagents, while reducing the delivery- and production-related risks.
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